Sabre - Camera Trigger

Sabre - A Fully configurable LIDAR based camera trigger

The Sabre is the next generation of camera triggering systems and is by far the most advanced camera trigger on the market today. Use Sabre as a backyard trigger to capture birds in flight or a longer duration camera trap for wildlife. It's single ended (no separate transmitter and receiver) so it is incredibly easy to setup and use. It can be fully controlled by your Wi-Fi enabled computer, tablet or phone. This includes iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Despite being extremely configurable it is also incredibly easy to use. It features two native modes (Manual and Auto) that let you get up and running in seconds.

Sabre Highlights and Features


Owner's Manual

Download the Sabre Owner's Manual

Control the Sabre From Your Favorite Mobile Device

Sabre App

Android and iOS compatible

Control and configure your Sabre sensor with your iOS phone (iOS 8.4 or higher) or Android device (4.0.3 or higher), the application is available in the App Store or Google Play for $10. You can also use your computer to configure it before you go - the PC and Mac versions are available here for free. Once the Sabre is configured disconnect your device from the Sabre and Wi-Fi will automatically turn off to save battery life. Click the link for instructions on connecting your iOS device or Android device.

Two Standard and Three User programmable Operating Modes

Two Pre-configured Modes - Auto and Manual - these modes work with no changes to the settings - hook the Sabre up to your camera and go. Optionally you can configure any of the User modes to meet your specifications.

Sabre is Fully User Configurable

The Sabre is fully configurable this includes both the triggering distances and all of the timing parameters. Even the sample rate is user configurable - if you don't need quick response but want long battery life - just slow down the sampling rate. Want a quick response time just speed up the sampling rate. You can also control the number of shots for each trigger. The Sabre can also keep the camera awake to minimize shutter lag - very important for birds or other fast moving subjects.

LIDAR - The Heart of the Sabre

The Sabre is built around a LIDAR sensor, LIDAR is a combination of Light and Radar. The LIDAR sensor sends out pulses of invisible IR light and measures the time the pulse takes to be reflected back to the source. The LIDAR sensor is completely unaffected by changes in ambient light. The Sabre triggering distance are accurate to +/-5%. All of this making it an ideal sensor for capturing birds in flight.

Available Connections

Sabre Connections

Solar Power

A 7W or larger solar cell in full sun will run the Sabre and provide enough power to recharge the internal battery for those long term monitoring applications.

Dual Beam and Aux Out

Simply connect a cable between two Sabre sensors to get dual beam functionality. This allows for directional triggering or covering a larger area. Use the Auxiliary output to fire flashes or a second camera.

Camera Control

Single connector for 1/2 press, full press and power input. This cable is included. See the connection diagrams.

Tripod Mount

Sabre includes a standard 1/4-20 weather sealed tripod mount.

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