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Focus Stacking Automated Image Collection StackShot
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Motion Control Add Motion to Your Time Lapse StackShot 3X
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Wildlife Stop it in it's tracks RangeIR
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Virtual Objects Create them with StackShot 3X Multi Axis Stack
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Water Drops 12 channels of complete control StopShot Studio

What's New

StackShot 3X Remote Control

StackShot 3X Remote
Apr 2016 - Control the StackShot 3X with our new Wi-Fi enabled fully configurable Remote Control. The remote is capable of controlling all 3 axis and firing the shutter. The buttons can be configured to match your application - learn more here.

Sabre Sensor
Dec 2015 - The Sabre is our most advanced triggering system yet. It is a weatherproof, LIDAR based Wi-Fi enabled fully configurable camera trigger. It can be configured with your computer or favorite mobile device (either iOS or Android). It can be used by itself or in a dual beam configuration - learn more here.

StackShot 3X Slider
StackShot 3X Slider
Apr 2015 - Add the Slider to your StackShot 3X and the Pan/Tilt Kit to create a full 3 axis motion control system. Perfect for time-lapse or real time video capture. Find more details and an example video here.

StackShot 3X StackShot3X Logo Nov 2014 - The next generation of our StackShot controller is here! Control up to 3 motors with StackShot 3X. The complete motion control solution. Touch screen interface, Wi-Fi, USB. Use this controller to Focus Stack, create panoramic images and stacks, create virtual objects, time-lapse video capture and, smooth repeatable real-time video motion.
Rotary Table
Rotary Table
Nov 2014 - Use the Rotary Table with StackShot 3X to add rotary motion to your motion control projects. Add rotation to your stacks to create virtual objects or use two of them to add pan/tilt motion to your camera. Great for capturing shoot move shoot time lapse and real time videos.

Featured Image

Every month or so we like to post an image taken by one of our customers using our equipment. It gives you a great idea of what is possible with Cognisys gear. You can see more customer images in our focus stacking and high speed galleries. If you have an image you would like us to consider for this spot please send it to us at

Edward Delaney - Garden Badger

This months featured image was captured by Edward Delaney. This badger was captured poking his head up over a log in Edward's backyard garden. The image was taken with a Nikon D800 fitted with a 60 mm macro lens at f/8 1/250 s. The camera was triggered by the Sabre. the image was lit with two snooted SB-26 flashes. Many thanks to Edward for sharing the image!