Scout - Camera Trapping System

Scout - Trail Monitoring System

The Scout is a completely weatherproof, very rugged camera trapping trigger designed to be deployed in the field for months at a time all with no user intervention. Incredibly easy to use and all of the configurable features you will need for your next camera trapping project. The Scout includes directional triggering, active and sleep time windows and it is all powered from AA batteries. The system is available with two different transmitters, a base transmitter for lower cost, or the standard transmitter for the most flexibility. See comparison.

Scout Highlights and Features

Quick Specs

Owner's Manual

Download the Scout Owner's Manual
or the Quick Start Guide

Connecting Scout

Connecting Scout to your camera

Camera Control

Most often when camera trapping you will use Scout to control the camera and the camera to control the flashes. This is the use case the above diagram shows. If you are interested in using Scout to sync the flashes you can visit here. The unconnected RCA connector in the diagram is Flash-Sync-In and is not used in this connection scheme. The default timing will assert the camera shutter and 1/2 press simultaneously so for most cases no additional configuration is required. The camera shutter cable can be selected from a drop down list at the time of ordering.

Scout Security

Scout locked to a tree

Cable Lock

Shown to the left is the Scout transmitter strapped to a tree with our optional tree bracket - both are then locked to the tree with a Master Lock Python Cable (5/16") Lock. Scout will accept cables up to 10 mm in diameter

PIN Lockout

Scout can be configured so that a 4 digit PIN is required to make any settings changes. Once the PIN Lockout is enabled Scout can not even be turned off without the PIN. Cognisys must be contacted to unlock the sensor if the PIN is forgotten.

Long Range and Timing Windows

Of course the best security is keeping the system hidden. Scout has long enough range that it is not necessary to place the transmitter or receiver right on the trails edge. Put them off the path to keep them hidden. Then the timing windows can be set so the system is active only when humans are less likely to be around.

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