About Cognisys

Cognisys was founded by a couple of guys who turned their hobbies into a job working for "the man", and then the job (and "the man") killed their hobby. Then something happened. They got bored. There was a snap. Some might say it was initiative and dedication - others would say that "idle hands are the devil's tools". Either way, they started turning electronics back into something fun. Both of them were fascinated by high speed photography. Thus StopShot was born. They even use laser beams. How cool is that?

Our Background

Over 30 years designing electronics in the automotive/heavy duty diesel industry working with all the major OEM's. From the ground-up schematic design, PCB layout, and software for:- A variety of embedded systems - from 2K - 128 MB
- Bluetooth-enabled hands-free voice recognition systems
- Wireless transceivers
- Compass/Temperature vehicle interface modules
- 10-100 Amp Brushless DC (BLDC) three phase motor controllers, 9-1000V
- Simple to complex system controllers... and many others..

Customer Feedback

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Our Advisors

Sparky Jack and Storm Chinoo