Universal IR Camera Remote

Universal IR Camera Remote

The Universal IR remote was designed to give either StackShot or StopShot the capability to trigger your camera's shutter via its IR port. This remote can activate your camera's shutter from up to 10 m (30 ft) away. The button on the remote serves a couple of purposes: it will let you use the remote as a standard IR shutter release and it gives the user a method for programming the remote. The remote can be programmed for any IR enabled camera from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus or Pentax.

Several models of cameras do not have wired shutter releases but do provide remote triggering via the IR port. The Universal IR camera remote will allow the use of these cameras with StackShot. Other cameras have a wired release and no IR port so be sure to check your camera's owner's manual to determine what features your camera is equipped with.

Download the quick start programming guide .

The remote requires two AA batteries for operation (not included). To connect the Universal remote to StopShot or StackShot will require an RCA male to male patch cord (included).

Sony User's

We get a lot of questions about using the Universal IR remote with Sony cameras, specifically the NEX series and X7R. The Universal IR remote will work fine with all of these cameras, in fact it is your only option for remote triggering the NEX cameras as they are not equipped with a wired shutter release port. You will find a wired shutter release for the X7R in our store.

Using the Universal IR Remote to Start and Stop Video Recording

The Universal IR remote can be used to start and stop video recording on Canon cameras that have video capability. Once the remote is programmed for this mode (see programming instructions in the quick start programming guide) the first activation of the remote will start the programming and the second will stop it. You can use either the button or an output from StopShot to start and stop the recording. Couple the remote with StopShot to allow triggered video capture.

Using the Universal IR remote with StopShot

StopShot is often used in high speed photography applications. In many of these high speed scenarios shutter lag is a concern. Shutter lag is the amount of time it takes your camera to respond once it is "commanded" to take the picture. All cameras take longer to respond to an IR command than they do to a direct shutter button press or a wired remote. So, if shutter lag is a concern for your shot the IR remote may not be the best choice.

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