StopShot Studio

StopShot Studio is an expanded version of our StopShot high speed photography controller that is controlled by your computer (either a PC or Mac). It features 12 outputs, 2 sensor inputs, a Microphone input and a start button. This controller was specifically designed for those who want to have the capability to control many outputs. A good example are the photographers who want to get crazy with lots of water valves for some over the top water drop shots. Currently these photographers need to daisy chain two StopShot controllers to get 6 outputs - not anymore! Like the standard StopShot the Studio version is extremely flexible. See some screen shots of the StopShot Studio Software or you can download it to see all of the options.

StopShot Studio Controller

Control StopShot Studio via USB

Whether you use a PC or a Mac you can use your computer to control the StopShot Studio. The computer removes the limitation of the small display, making the StopShot Studio much easier to configure. The computer software features tabs specifically for water drops, ballistics, time lapse as well as a completely configurable advanced tab. After you configure the StopShot Studio you can verify your results by clicking over to the plot tab to see your results graphically. Configurations can be saved to a file for easy recovery later. StopShot Studio is completely backwards compatible with all of our original StopShot accessories. You can even program a configuration and then run it away from your computer.

StopShot Studio Features

StopShot Studio Available in a 3 Valve Water Drop Kit

The StopShot Studio 3 Valve Kit contains the following:

Cables and siphon extension tubes are included but not pictured.

StopShot Studio Water Drop Kit

Visit the StopShot Studio Technical Specs and Downloads page.

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