High Speed Photography - StopShot

Welcome to the world of high speed photography - the world where science and art collide. Did you ever want to capture a splash of water in mid air or get a look at an exploding light bulb midway through the explosion? With StopShot you can. StopShot is an electronic timing system that will allow you to capture events that are too fast to see. High speed photographs can be taken with any camera that has bulb or manual mode. No expensive high speed camera is required.

StopShot is fully user configurable and features 3 completely programmable outputs. There are many different sensor types available including microphones, beam sensors and motion sensors.

StopShot Timing Controller

High Speed Photography Controller - StopShot

StopShot is a flexible timing module made specifically for taking high speed photographs. With StopShot you can create photos like you see below without having a degree in electrical engineering. All you need is a camera with the BULB exposure setting, an external flash, and the StopShot electronic trigger module. With StopShot you can use a variety of triggers to fire up to three independent electronic devices (flashes, cameras, valves, etc.) at virtually any delay you choose. You can even set it up to do time lapse photography. Follow the links below for more details.

What Can You Do With StopShot?

StopShot Features:

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