Shutter Interface Switch

The Shutter Interface Switch was designed as an interface between your camera and StopShot or the RangeIR. It is intended for high speed triggering of your camera but it will also work with StackShot. It is extremely useful for keeping shutter lag to a minimum for Canon users and it will allow StopShot to wake up your camera from sleep mode. It also gives a method of quickly disconnecting and connecting StopShot from your camera, very useful for setting up sensors.

The shutter cable side of this switch is 1 m and the StopShot side is 2 m making the overall length of the switch and cables 3 m long.

Canon D Series Shutter Switch

Switch Positions

The switch has three positions:

WAKE - In this mode the camera will stay awake all the time. It is like holding your finger on the shutter button with it pressed 1/2 way. This position allows for the shortest possible shutter lag. If you are a Canon shooter, it will also make the shutter lag as consistent as Canon shutter lag gets. The disadvantage of this setting is battery life, because the camera stays awake all the time it will also go through batteries faster than the other modes.

OFF - This mode disconnects StopShot from your camera. It will prevent StopShot from triggering your camera, great for setups

SLEEP - In this position the camera will be allowed to go to sleep but unlike our standard sh utter cable with the switch in this position you will be able to wake up the camera with StopShot. This mode is great for shooting mammals overnight where shutter lag is not as important but battery life is. In this mode the camera will have a very long and unpredictable shutter lag.

NOTE: When using the Shutter Interface Switch with StackShot use the SLEEP position on the interface switch.

Understanding Canon Shutter Lag

If you have done much high speed photography with a Canon DSLR you have probably fought with inconsistent shutter lag. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy using my Canon cameras but they are painfully inconsistent when it comes to shutter lag, The shutter lag is dependent on how long ago you did a half press and several other variables we have yet to figure out. Using this cable will minimize this issue by holding down the 1/2 press button when in WAKE mode, like we mentioned before this is at the expense of battery life. Without holding down the 1/2 press button the shutter lag on our Canon 7D is anywhere from 49mS to 118mS. With this shutter interface switch the shutter lag is 68mS +/-5mS, certainly not perfect but a pretty significant improvement.

Pricing for the shutter interface switches can be found in the Cables section of our on-line store.