Flash Sequencer

Flash Sequencer

The flash sequencer allows you to fire up to 12 flashes (or cameras) in rapid succession. For every pulse sent to the input of the sequencer from StopShot the sequencer will fire the next flash. The sequencer also includes LED indicators so you can see what output will fire next. The sequencer gets its power from StopShot so there is no need for an external AC adapter. This also allows StopShot to reset the sequencer by using the power off feature in StopShot. The latest version of StopShot firmware will allow you to create pulses that are only 200uS (2/10,000 of a second) apart from each other. The sequencer will allow you to flash multiple high power flashes in rapid succession, much faster than the flashes would be able to recycle. The sequencer can be used with any of our current sensors including the microphone.

The sequencer comes with the following cables to get you started:
3.5mm patch cable (2m) - to connect the sequencer to StopShot
PC to RCA adapter cable
2 - RCA patch cables (2m)

Technical Details

Output switching capability - Up to 1A at 40VDC / Output channel
Power in: 4.5VDC - Provided by StopShot
Manual reset button
Size: 5.25 x 9.18 x 1.68 in. (133.35 x 233.17 x 42.67 mm)
Input Connector: RCA
Vin Max: 5V

Download the flash sequencer Manual here.

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