StackShot 3X

Tech Specs and Support

Technical Highlights

Owner's Manual and Firmware Updates

Firmware Release (zip) Owner's Manual (pdf) Release Notes (pdf)
1.0.00 Version 1.0 (3.5MB)  
1.0.01 - Mar 2016 - (3.2MB) Version 1.1 (5.17MB) 1.0.01 (65kB)
1.0.02 - May 2016 - (3.2MB) Version 1.2 (5.54MB) 1.0.02 (65kB)

The software version of your controller can be read from the StackShot 3X splash screen at power-up.

Please Note: Your StackShot 3X was shipped with the latest firmware.

The zip file above contains the release notes, firmware and firmware update instructions.

Dimensions and Weights

StackShot 3X Controller Dimensions: 120mm L x 103mm W x 31mm H
StackShot 3X Controller: 0.34kg (12.0 oz)

Electrical Specification Summary

Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature -20 25 70 C
Input Voltage 12 12 28 Vdc
Input Current - (12Vdc in) - 150 6000 mAdc
Input Current - Power savings active - 50 - mAdc
Shutter Output Current Sink - Continuous - - 1 Adc
Shutter Output Max Voltage - - 32 Vdc
Timer Tolerance @ 25C - 1 - %

USB Connections to Windows

Usually connecting StackShot 3X to your Windows machine is pretty painless, occasionally though Windows will not install the drivers correctly (or at all). If this happens to you follow the steps below to get Windows to recognize your StackShot controller.

  1. 1. Unplug StackShot from the computer
  2. 2. Make sure Zerene and Helicon are closed
  3. 3. Download the FTDI drivers from here: FTDI Drivers
  4. 4. Run the setup executable
  5. 5. Reboot (probably not required, but it never hurts (much)!)
  6. 6. Plug in the StackShot USB port
  7. 7. Load up Zerene or Helicon Remote.

USB Connections to MAC

If your Mac has problems connecting to StackShot please try the following. Copy/paste is the best way since the commands are case-sensitive.

Make sure there weren’t any errors reported during those commands. You will be asked for the root user’s password (usually your own).

Give the Mac a reboot and this should take care of the problem.

As of OS-X Mavericks (10.9), Apple has included a partial implementation of the FTDI driver. Unfortunately this driver interferes with proper operation of StackShot. The above commands will disable the Apple driver so that applications such as Zerene Stacker and Helicon Remote can load the proper driver.

When an update comes out for OS-X you may need to repeat this procedure.

If this process doesn’t fix the problem then you may also have to disable previously installed FTDI drivers:

If you ever need to re-enable the FTDI drivers you can issue the following commands:

If you have any difficulty please contact us at

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