StackShot 3X - Focus Stacking and so much more.

StackShot 3X and Pan Tilt Setup

One Controller - Many Applications

Why purchase a Giga-pixel scanner, an automated turntable, and a panoramic head for time lapse separately when you can purchase a StackShot 3X system and re-use the same components to achieve all of this. StackShot 3X is a modular system with incredible flexibility. It is the next generation StackShot controller featuring 2 additional stepper motor controllers to allow complete 3 axis motion control. It is also equipped with a touch screen user interface with haptic feedback making number entry quick and easy. You will also find USB and Wi-Fi on the StackShot 3X to allow control with your computer. If you are interested in the differences between this controller and the original StackShot visit our comparison page. So what applications are possible with this 3 axis controller?

Controller Highlights

StackShot 3X

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