StopShot Studio Controller

StackShot 3X Slider

Add a slider to your StackShot 3X motion control system to give you yet another axis of creative freedom. A complete solution for adding motion to your time lapse videos or use it for repeatable real time video motion profiles. This 1m long slider is powered by a high precision stepper motor and the StackShot 3X controller. It is built on an Igus WS-16-60 linear slide. If you already have one of these slides the system is available as a retrofit kit.

Slider Features


Slider Tripod Mounting Detail

StackShot 3X Slider Endcap

The slider has three 1/4-20 mounting holes in the base of the end cap that are used to mount your tripod plates to. You can use camera or lens plates. The end cap has a machined groove to allow for lens plate stops to fit through. Shown is the Wimberley P-20 plate (available in our store).

Also shown in the image to the left are the two thumb screws used to adjust belt tension. The end caps are attached to the slider with two 1/4-20 set screws from the bottom (Allen Key Included). To tighten the belt loosen the set screws and tighten the thumb screws until the belt has no slack. Then re-tighten the set screws. If you notice the carriage lurching when at a steep angle and the carriage is going down the belt needs to be tightened.

Mounting the Pan/Tilt Kit to the Slider Carriage

Slider Base Carriage Slider Base Carriage with Spacer

Slider Carriage - Mount Clamp Arca Clamp attaced to Rotary Table

Clamp Pan/Tilt Assy onto Slider Clamp on StackShot 3X and battery

The slider includes a 0.25 m (10 in) cable. If you plan to do a lot of vertical shooting with heavy loads you may want to purchase and additional 2 m cables. This will allow you to mount keep the controller off the carriage and leave more of the capacity for camera gear.

The Slider with StackShot 3X and the Pan/Tilt Kit

Time Lapse of Milky Way over Alabama Hills from Cognisys Inc. on Vimeo.

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