Li-Ion Battery Kit - 5200mAHr Capacity

This 14.4V 5200 mAHr Li-ion battery pack can be used to power StopShot or StackShot. The battery packs have built in over current, under voltage and over charge protection. Chargers are available with EU, AU, or UK mains plugs and are 240VAC compatible. Choose your AC adapter type in the store. This battery pack has double the capacity of our standard Li-Ion Battery Pack.

The kit includes:

- 14.4V Li-Ion battery with 8 in pigtail.
- Li-Ion Battery Charger (240 VAC compatible).
- AC adapter cord (US, UK , EU and AU styles available).
- Thumb screws to attach battery to controller holder

Li Ion Battery Pack in Case

Specifying battery life is always difficult as there are so many variables that affect it. So in order to provide a good reference for what you can expect we ran several tests under different conditions and recorded the battery life. The test used the StackShot 3X controller connected to a couple of rotary tables. The StackShot 3X has several power saving modes, in these tests we also give an example of the power savings that is realized with these modes.

Shoot Move Shoot

Test Conditions
Pan - 30°
Tilt - 15°
Camera Activations per cycle - 720 frames.
Shoot Interval 5 seconds.
Repeated continuously.

Motor and LCD Power Save Enabled
Battery Life - 4.34 Days - 104.16 hrs

LCD Power Save Only
Battery Life - 32.61 Hrs

No Power Save
Battery Life - 26.27 Hrs

Continuous Move

Test Conditions
Pan - 30°
Tilt - 15°
1-minute continuous pan / tilt profile.
Repeated continuously

LCD Power Save Enabled
Battery Life - 5.06 Hrs
Completed Cycles ~ 300


Please download our precautions sheet to familiarize yourself with Li-Ion battery safety.

See the Li-Ion Battery Kit in the store for pricing.
Separate 5200mAHr Li-Ion Batteries are also available.

We also have a smaller lighter 2600 mAHr battery pack here.

For a convenient battery and controller holder check out our Controller Carrier Kit. It will enable your controller and battery to be attached to StackShot or an Arca plate.

Controller Carrier with Li-Ion Battery