Li-Ion Battery Kit

This 14.4V 2600 mAHr Li-ion battery pack can be used to power StopShot or StackShot. The battery packs have built in over current, under voltage and over charge protection. Chargers are available with EU, AU, or UK mains plugs and are 240VAC compatible. Choose your AC adapter type in the store.

The kit includes:

- 14.4V Li-Ion battery with 2 m battery harness.
- Li-Ion Battery Charger (240 VAC compatible).
- AC adapter cord (US, UK , EU and AU styles available).
- Battery Pack Carrying Case.

Li Ion Battery Pack in Case

Lithium Ion batteries provide an environmentally friendly alternative to Lead Acid Batteries. They are lighter weight and have more capacity. See the chart below for a comparison of the Li-Ion battery to our original lead acid battery (now discontinued).

Li-Ion vs Lead Acid
  Li-Ion Battery Kit Lead Acid Battery Kit
Capacity 2600 mAHr 2000mAHr
Operating Voltage 14.8VDC 12VDC
Weight 200g 700g
Dimensions 74mm x 74mm x 20mm 148mm x 90mm x 20mm
Charger AC Input Voltage 240VAC 120VAC
StackShot Run Time 409 Complete Cycles 238 Complete Cycles


Please download our precautions sheet to familiarize yourself with Li-Ion battery safety.

See the Li-Ion Battery Kit in the store for pricing.
Separate Li-Ion Batteries are also available.

Looking for a higher capacity battery pack.

For a convenient battery and controller holder check out our Controller Carrier Kit. It will enable your controller and battery to be attached to StackShot or an Arca plate.

Controller Carrier with Li-Ion Battery