High Speed Shutter Support System

Shutter Support System

Shutter Support System Overview

The shutter support system gives you an easy way to set up the high speed shutter while keeping everything portable. The shutter support holds the High Speed Shutter, the Shutter Controller, and a Li-Ion Battery Pack all so it can be mounted on a tripod. As you can see from the image above it also has an Arca-Swiss compatible dovetailed base so the Controller Carrier Kit can be clamped on to hold your StopShot controller. This is the same bracket system used to hold the high speed controller on the Insect Rig. We have taken a modular approach to the shutter support and insect rig.

What's Included

Shutter Support System

The Shutter Support System is machined from T-6061 aluminum and includes all stainless steel hardware. The kit comes with the following:

Different Lens Configurations and Mounts

Shutter Support with MP E-65 at 1X
Short Collared Lens
Shutter Support Long Lens with Collar
Long Collared Lens
Shutter Support with camera mounted lens
Camera Mounted Lens

Flexible Design

The design of the shutter bracket allows the mounting of many different cameras and lenses. The riser plate on the shutter support can be rotated to accommodate very short cameras like the Canon Rebel series or left in the current position for full size professional DSLR's like the Nikon D4. It can be used with lenses that have collars or those that do not. If needed the controller can be mounted on the top or bottom of the bracket, There are also additional slots in the bottom of the bracket that can be used to strap interconnecting wires to.

Tripod Mounting Options

Arca Clamp MountShutter Support Tripod Clamp

The Shutter Support system can be mounted to your tripod in a couple of different ways. It has an Arca-Swiss compatible dovetail machined into it so you can just clamp onto it with your current Arca Compatible clamp. See the image above left, for an example, you can just see the top of the ball head the clamp mounts to. It also has several 1/4-20 threaded holes so if you can attach your tripod plate (see image above right).

Camera Mounting Options

Just like the tripod mounts above the camera can be mounted in a couple of different ways as well. You can mount an Arca Clamp to the dovetailed base. See the image on the left. Or not, see the image on the right.

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