Cognisys Insect Rig

Insect Rig Front View

Use the Insect Rig to capture photographs of insects in flight! The insect rig offers a convenient platform for your entire high speed system. It will hold your Camera, flashes, High Speed Shutter and its controller, laser cross beam sensor set, Li-Ion battery pack and StopShot. Perfect for capturing bees hovering around a flower or insects that you have attracted with lights.

Insect Rig switches

Built in Power and Shutter Switches

The insect rig comes with built in and pre-wired switches for system power and camera shutter enable. These will be the only two switches you will need while out chasing insects. They are located where you would naturally grab the rig so they are easily activated with your thumb.

StopShot handles the control of the sensors, high speed shutter and timing of the camera shutter automatically. Aside from powering the system up no other button presses are necessary. Turn the camera and flashes on, flip the power switch, enable the shutter and you are armed and ready. Using the high speed shutter requires the camera shutter be held open while waiting for a trigger, since this uses up battery it is important to disable the shutter when not in use. The shutter switch on the insect rig make this very convenient.

Completely Pre-Wired

The Insect Rig comes completely pre-wired. The harness routed through the rig contains the wiring for the sensors, flashes, power, high speed shutter, StopShot and the camera shutter. All of the cables are color coded for easy connection.

The entire rig is powered by our Li-Ion Battery Pack.

For complete instructions on StopShot setup with the insect rig visit here.

StopShot Wiring
Insect Rig Side View

Insect Rig on Tripod

Sliding Sensor Arms

As can be seen above the sensor arms of the insect rig are adjustable to allow for different subject working distances. For larger subjects you will want to increase the distance from the lens to the subject to allow for a larger field of view. For high magnification shots you will want the sensor plane closer to the lens.

Tripod Mounting

The insect rig comes equipped with 1/4" - 20 tapped holes in the base so the system can be mounted to a tripod. This makes getting the insect rig placed around insect traps or flowers very easy. The image to the left shows the insect rig mounted to a tripod using a Wimberley P-5 Camera Body Plate. This plate is mounted to the base of the rig allowing to it be clamped to with any Arca Compatible clamp.

Mirrored Part Design

All of the threaded parts on the insect rig have been designed so they can be flipped upside down while still maintaining their function. Should thread damage occur to any threaded part it can be flipped upside down to use the threads on the other side. This includes the arms (for sensor attachment) and the threaded brackets used to mount the arms to the rig.

Standard Laser Transmitters

Flexible Sensor Mounts

The insect rig includes mounting hardware to use either our standard laser transmitters or the Mini Laser Transmitters. The mini laser transmitters offer the advantage of being both smaller and lighter weight. They are also make sensor alignment easier as the transmitter and receiver can be moved completely independently of each other. Both transmitters use the same supplied 2.5 mm cable.

Mini Laser Transmitters


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