StackShot and CamRanger

Controlling StackShot with CamRanger has the significant advantage of allowing you to to preview the images for your focus stack on your CamRanger compatible tablet or computer. By enabling live view on your camera you can use the larger screen of the tablet to review the focus and get your start and end points perfect before investing the time to capture the entire stack. This is extremely valuable both in the field and in the studio.

Connection Diagram

Connecting StackShot to your CamRanger

The diagram above shows how to connect the StackShot to the CamRanger via the CamRanger PT Hub. Note that you do not need a camera specific shutter interface cable when connecting StackShot to CamRanger. In this case the camera interface is handled by CamRanger over USB. You can find more details about the connections and the CamRanger user interface in the CamRanger StackShot User Guide. You can also take a look at the video put together by CamRanger.


A couple of notes about the compatibility of CamRanger and StackShot - you will want to make certain your StackShot is the USB enabled version. When StackShot was first released USB was optional, if you purchased your StackShot in the last couple of years it will have a USB port. You will also want to make certain your camera is compatible with the CamRanger and that you are running the latest version of CamRanger Firmware. StackShot is only supported in Version 7 and later. You can find download the latest version of CamRanger software from the CamRanger Download Page.

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