Connecting Sabre to the Camera

Connect Sabre to your Camera

Shown to the left is the connection diagram to connect the Sabre to your camera. The same cable is used to supply external power and charge the internal battery. The Sabre is supplied with a 12V 1A power supply that will both supply power to the Sabre and charge the internal battery.

Adapting Sabre to other Shutter Interface Cables

Connect Sabre to your Camera

If you want connect Sabre to your a shutter interface cable that has a 2.5 mm connector we have adapters available. We also have adapters to shutter cables that are compatible with StopShot and StackShot (RCA / Cinch connectors). The adapters can be found here.

Sabre - Dual Beam

Dual Beam Connections

If you want to use your Sabre Sensors in a dual beam configuration set them up as shown to the left. We have extension cables available in the store if you need more than 2m between the sensors.