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April 2014 - CamRanger is now capable of controlling StackShot!

January 2014 - Don't want to build a Water Drop Stand? Check this out.

June 2013 - Check out the StopShot Studio - a 12 channel computer controlled version of StopShot

April 2013, Capture insects in flight with our new portable Insect Rig.

January 2013 - Check out our new Water Valve Mounting Bracket for multiple colored collisions

December 2012 - Introducing the Shutter Support System. Completely portable high speed.

October 2012 - Check out our latest one of a kind product - the High Speed Shutter - finally you can capture insects in flight.

August 2012 - Take your StackShot into the field with our new Controller Carrier Also works great with StopShot.

February 2012 - See our new web page on creating Three Drop Collisions with StopShot.

January 2012 - Check out our latest sensor the RangeIR. Designed for birds and wildlife.

Arca Clamp Adapter Plate

The Arca Adapter Plate is used to provide a low profile, secure method to mount an Arca Clamp to StackShot. If you have already have a quick release plate on your camera using the Arca adapter plate and clamp on the StackShot rail makes it extremely fast and easy to add and remove the StackShot rail from your tripod stack. The animated picture below shows how to mount the clamp. All of the bolts and allen keys required to attach the adapter plate to StackShot and to attach the quick release clamp to the adapter plate are included. The quick release clamp and plate are available from suppliers like Wimberley or Really Right Stuff.

Arca Adapter Plate Animated GIF
Animation courtesy of Alexander Zubrickij

The adapter plate has many different mounting options to make it compatible with many of the Arca compatible clamps on the market. You can download the bolt pattern for the adapter plate here. When using the adapter plate it is necessary to attach the Arca clamp before attaching the adapter plate to the rail.

The dovetail machined into the base of StackShot is designed so you can use the Arca Clamp that is mounted on your tripod to hold StackShot without having to purchase another quick release plate. The tripod stack below illustrates this. In this particular setup the Really Right Stuff macro rail is used for adjustments left and right and the StackShot rail is used to automate the focus stacking image collection in the fore and aft direction.

Top View of RRS B2 PRO LRRS B2 PRO LAbove is a Wimberley C-12 Quick release clamp attached to the Arca Adapter Plate in both orientations.

Top View of RRS B2 PRO LRRS B2 PRO LAbove is a Really Right Stuff B2 Pro L Quick release clamp attached to the Arca Adapter Plate with multiple screws from the bottom of the plate.

Top View of RRS B2 PRO LRRS B2 PRO LWe have also added several 10-24 threaded holes to the Arca Adapter Plate to allow the RRS B2 Pro-L clamp to be mounted from tthe top. This feature allows you to change the orientation without removing the adapter plate from the rail.

Wimberley ClampNovoflex ClampAbove is the Really Right Stuff B2 Pro and Novoflex attached to the Arca Adapter Plate. Note the B2 Pro cannot be turned 90 degrees and have two bolts installed.


StackShot with Lateral adjustment

This setup contains the following from top to bottom:

1. Camera and Lens with collar
2. RRS Lens Plate
3. RRS Quick Release Clamp
4. StackShot Arca Adapter Plate
5. StackShot Macro Rail
6. RRS Macro Rail for Lateral Adj.
7. RRS BH-55 Ball Head