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April 2014 - CamRanger is now capable of controlling StackShot!

January 2014 - Don't want to build a Water Drop Stand? Check this out.

June 2013 - Check out the StopShot Studio - a 12 channel computer controlled version of StopShot

April 2013, Capture insects in flight with our new portable Insect Rig.

January 2013 - Check out our new Water Valve Mounting Bracket for multiple colored collisions

December 2012 - Introducing the Shutter Support System. Completely portable high speed.

October 2012 - Check out our latest one of a kind product - the High Speed Shutter - finally you can capture insects in flight.

August 2012 - Take your StackShot into the field with our new Controller Carrier Also works great with StopShot.

February 2012 - See our new web page on creating Three Drop Collisions with StopShot.

January 2012 - Check out our latest sensor the RangeIR. Designed for birds and wildlife.

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Insects in Flight
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StopShot Studio

StackShot 3x from Cognisys Inc. on Vimeo.

StackShot 3X is a modular system that allows you to use the same base components to do focus stacking, giga-pixel imaging, time lapse and real time video capture. See the StackShot 3X Pan/Tilt Kit in action in the video above. Visit the StackShot 3X page to see the other uses for the system.

If you want to bring your photography to the next level you are in the right place. We specialize in helping photographers capture moments that escape the rest of the world. Whether you are trying to capture two colliding water drops or bring the smallest of insects into focus we can help. Our mission is to design and develop electronic products that will assist you in capturing the impossible and in the process differentiate your photographs from the rest.

High Speed Photography

Focus Stacking

Dueling Hummers
These two hummingbirds were captured in flight using StopShot and our laser cross beam sensors. This image was captured by Roy Dunn. See more of Roy's work here.


A water drop colliding with a rebounding drop. This splash only existed for a few thousandths of a second. This image was captured using the StopShot Water Drop Photography Kit. The water drop and flash timing are all controlled by StopShot.

This frog was captured using StopShot and our RangeIR sensor. Thanks to Joe McDonald for the use of his photo.

This spider was captured mid jump using our laser cross beam sensors and high speed shutter. Thanks to Scott Linstead for the use of his photograph.

A microphone connected to StopShot was used to capture this dancing paint sculpture. Thank you to Amer Pederson for the use of his photograph.

Ferrofluid Stack
This photograph of Ferro fluid was created from 29 individual photographs taken at 100 micron steps with StackShot. The image was created by Linden Gledhill.


The StackShot system will allow you to easily capture multiple photographs that can be digitally combined to create a single high magnification image with a depth of field that is not possible without focus stacking. StackShot is used by many museums and universities around the world to create incredibly detailed photographs for study. It can also be used very successfully for product photography of small items like jewelry. Or, like the image above it can be used to create art. The possibilities are endless.