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What's New

April 2014 - CamRanger is now capable of controlling StackShot!

January 2014 - Don't want to build a Water Drop Stand? Check this out.

June 2013 - Check out the StopShot Studio - a 12 channel computer controlled version of StopShot

April 2013, Capture insects in flight with our new portable Insect Rig.

January 2013 - Check out our new Water Valve Mounting Bracket for multiple colored collisions

December 2012 - Introducing the Shutter Support System. Completely portable high speed.

October 2012 - Check out our latest one of a kind product - the High Speed Shutter - finally you can capture insects in flight.

August 2012 - Take your StackShot into the field with our new Controller Carrier Also works great with StopShot.

February 2012 - See our new web page on creating Three Drop Collisions with StopShot.

January 2012 - Check out our latest sensor the RangeIR. Designed for birds and wildlife.

About the Customer Gallery

First we would like to thank all of the photographers that contributed their work to this gallery. There are some absolutely amazing shots here!

One of the most rewarding parts of our work here at Cognisys is working with photographers. Many of these people are extremely passionate and dedicated to their craft. This new gallery is a tribute to what they have accomplished... not to mention it does an outstanding job of showing what is possible with our products. It has been an absolute joy to see what others can do with the tools we created.

This gallery got its start from customers that sent us photos from their efforts with out products. We started featuring customer photos on our home page in the form of the featured image. This was a good start but we have far too many photos for just one spot and so we decided to launch this gallery. We also used some photographs from long time Cognisys supporters like Linden Gledhill and Roy Dunn in the gallery.

The gallery is divided into two sections, one for triggered work, captured with StopShot or the RangeIR and another for stacked images collected with StackShot. The title of each image is the name of the photographer.

Each of the images in the gallery remains the copyrighted property of the photographer with all rights reserved.

If you would like to contribute any of your work to the gallery just drop us a note at


Stacked Images
Triggered Images