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What's New

April 2014 - CamRanger is now capable of controlling StackShot!

January 2014 - Don't want to build a Water Drop Stand? Check this out.

June 2013 - Check out the StopShot Studio - a 12 channel computer controlled version of StopShot

April 2013, Capture insects in flight with our new portable Insect Rig.

January 2013 - Check out our new Water Valve Mounting Bracket for multiple colored collisions

December 2012 - Introducing the Shutter Support System. Completely portable high speed.

October 2012 - Check out our latest one of a kind product - the High Speed Shutter - finally you can capture insects in flight.

August 2012 - Take your StackShot into the field with our new Controller Carrier Also works great with StopShot.

February 2012 - See our new web page on creating Three Drop Collisions with StopShot.

January 2012 - Check out our latest sensor the RangeIR. Designed for birds and wildlife.

Stop Shot Logo - High Speed photography enabler

Technical Highlights

Owner's Manuals

Software Release Manual Version (pdf)
1.0.06 Version 1.5 (1.5MB) - Version 1.5 (Deutsch) - Version 1.5 (Espanol)
1.0.05 Version 1.4 (1.5MB) - USB Details Added
1.0.03 Version 1.1 (1.5MB)
1.0.01 Version 1.0 (1.5MB)
The software version can be read from the StackShot splash screen at power-up.

Firmware Updates
Please Note: Your StackShot was shipped with the latest firmware.

My StackShot has USB
To upgrade your USB StackShot firmware follow these instructions.
The latest firmware can be downloaded here: 1.0.06 USB

My StackShot does not have USB
If you have a non USB version you will need a reflash cable
To update the firmware in your StackShot. Follow these instructions.
The latest firmware can be downloaded here: 1.0.06 1W

Note: Firmware upgrades can only be performed using a PC.
Mac version coming soon - It will be rolled out when a new version of Firmware becomes available.

StackShot Controller Dimensions: 120mm L x 103mm W x 31mm H
Standard Macro Rail Dimensions: 200mm L x 86mm W x 80mm H
Rail Travel: 100mm
Extended Macro Rail Dimensions: 300mm L x 86mm W x 80mm H
Rail Travel: 200mm

Field Weights
StackShot Controller: 0.34kg (12.0 oz)
StackShot Macro Rail (standard length): 1.12kg (2lb 7.4oz)
Controller Carrier Kit (including Wimberley Arm): 0.28kg (9.9oz)
Battery Kit (not including charger): 0.26kg (9.2oz)

Total Weight: 2.0kg (4.4lbs)
Add 0.24kg (8.6oz) for the Extended Rail

Electrical Specification Summary
Specifications MIN NOM MAX UNITS
Operating Temperature -20 25 50 C
Input Voltage 11 12 16 Vdc
Input Current - (12Vdc in) - 120 2000 mAdc
Shutter Output Current Sink - Continuous - - 1 Adc
Shutter Output Max Voltage - - 32 Vdc
Timer Tolerance @ 25C - 1 - %

If you have an idea for a feature that isn't currently present please e-mail us at We always strive to give you the most feature-rich products and will do what we can to get the feature added.

USB Connections to Windows

Usually connecting StackShot to your Windows machine is pretty painless, occasionally though Windows will not install the drivers correctly (or at all). If this happens to you follow the steps below to get Windows to recognize your StackShot controller.

  1. Unplug StackShot from the computer
  2. Make sure Zerene and Helicon are closed
  3. Download the FTDI drivers from here: FTDI Drivers
  4. Run the setup executable
  5. Reboot (probably not required, but it never hurts (much)!)
  6. Plug in the StackShot USB port
  7. Load up Zerene or Helicon Remote.