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What's New

April 2014 - CamRanger is now capable of controlling StackShot!

January 2014 - Don't want to build a Water Drop Stand? Check this out.

June 2013 - Check out the StopShot Studio - a 12 channel computer controlled version of StopShot

April 2013, Capture insects in flight with our new portable Insect Rig.

January 2013 - Check out our new Water Valve Mounting Bracket for multiple colored collisions

December 2012 - Introducing the Shutter Support System. Completely portable high speed.

October 2012 - Check out our latest one of a kind product - the High Speed Shutter - finally you can capture insects in flight.

August 2012 - Take your StackShot into the field with our new Controller Carrier Also works great with StopShot.

February 2012 - See our new web page on creating Three Drop Collisions with StopShot.

January 2012 - Check out our latest sensor the RangeIR. Designed for birds and wildlife.

About Cognisys

Cognisys was founded by a couple of guys who turned their hobbies into a job working for "the man", and then the job (and "the man") killed their hobby. Then something happened. They got bored. There was a snap. Some might say it was initiative and dedication - others would say that "idle hands are the devil's tools". Either way, they started turning electronics back into something fun. Both of them were fascinated by high speed photography. Thus StopShot was born. They even use laser beams. How cool is that?

Our Background

Over 20 years designing electronics in the automotive/heavy duty diesel industry working with all the major OEM's. From the ground-up schematic design, PCB layout, and software for:

A variety of embedded systems - from 2K - 128 MB
Bluetooth-enabled hands-free voice recognition systems
Wireless transceivers
Compass/Temperature vehicle interface modules
10-100 Amp Brushless DC (BLDC) three phase motor controllers, 9-1000V
Simple to complex system controllers

... and many others...

If you have an idea for an electronics project but need help designing and developing it, please contact us: We offer professional rapid design services.

Customer Feedback

See what our customers are saying about us and our products - Customer Feedback

Our Advisors

Lucky Dog Sparky Fletch  
Chinoo - (a.k.a. Chaos) Sparky - Senior Anxiety Advisor Fletch - "Did you say squirrel?"